Joey Armstrong

For the past five years, freelance marketer Joey Armstrong has helped Fortune 500 companies grow their profit margins through customized and effective marketing strategies. Even before graduating Magnum Cum Laude in Business and Marketing from the University of Southern California in 2016, Joey Armstrong knew he wanted to join the marketing sector and use his problem-solving and communication skills to help businesses raise brand awareness, generate a strong customer base, and reach marketing objectives. Since graduating from the University of Southern California, Joey Armstrong has developed his marketing skills by working with a wide variety of clients from different industries and growing a comprehensive understanding of marketing campaign strategy. While no one marketing strategy works for all businesses, Joey Armstrong hopes to discuss core methods that are frequently used by marketers to grow followers, gather leads, and meet various marketing goals. 

Build High ROI with Influencer Marketing 

One of the best signs of a successful marketing campaign is high ROI (return on investment). High ROI can help build company influence and be a major asset for other marketing strategies. For this reason, one of the most popular marketing strategies digital marketers use while working with new clients is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns are known to deliver the highest ROI out of any strategy, with an average of $6.50 returned for every $1 spent. This strategy is especially popular with small businesses and organizations with small marketing budgets. In order to create a successful influencer marketing campaign, marketers must first: 

– Select the campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs) 

– Choose social media channels where target customers frequent 

– Select a list of experienced influencers 

– Create a content publishing schedule 

– Continuously measure outcomes and improve reach

SEO Focused Content 

Today, the average consumer sees anywhere between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. However, up to 70-80% of these ads are ignored altogether by consumers, meaning marketers must come up with new ways to compete for consumer attention and organic visibility. One of the best ways to accomplish this while remaining below budget is with SEO content. According to a recent report by Google, there are over 70,000 google searches every second or 227 million per hour, meaning marketers who utilize content have a greater chance of an optimized blog or article being viewed by consumers than a traditional ad. However, search engines are constantly reminding their algorithms to prioritize the most consumable content on a topic. This means that marketers must utilize the best SEO practices in order to compete against web pages and be viewed by consumers. Some of these SEO best practices include: 

Topic Selection: There is little point in creating targeted content if no one will see it. Marketers should make sure to select a topic based on keyword research to ensure their marketing efforts do not go to waste. 

Use HTTPs: Since 2014, one of Google’s top-ranking factors has been HTTPs, which makes a site more secure by encrypting information sent between servers and site visitors. 

Use Target Keyword 3 Times: In order to optimize target keywords, marketers should not only use their keyword throughout their blog but also use it in the blog’s title tag, heading (H1), and URL. 

Improve Conversions by Updating Landing Pages 

Sometimes it is best to start with the basics, and for a good marketing campaign, that can mean something as simple as reevaluating a company’s landing page. The average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%; however, according to TechJury, 90% of visitors who read a landing page’s headline will also read their call-to-action. An excellent landing page will have a large amount of content, high resolution colored images, and focus their content towards one call-to-action. While landing pages are essential for conversions and building brand recognition, only 52% of companies and agencies use landing pages to test them or look into ways to improve conversions. Joey Armstrong recommends marketers’ first step in any new campaign be reviewing a customer’s landing page and offering practical solutions to improve conversions. 

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