Marketing Failures Usually Start with People

As a leading marketing advisor, Joey Armstrong is frequently asked to figure out the problem inside a marketing department. A lot of companies have the best of intentions but find that their marketing work simply is not moving the needle in a positive direction. Today, Joey Armstrong will look at a few common mistakes that when remedied can lead to sustained success. Don’t let a marketing failure determine your future.

The most important aspect of a marketing department is the people who work inside of it. There is no substitute for a positive attitude. Hiring should always be done with culture in mind. If a person has all the skills in the world but a negative attitude, it can poison the well. If a business has a strong training program in place, Joey Armstrong believes they should hire for culture first and skill second. Excitement is contagious. Identify the candidate who motivates everyone in the department to get excited and work harder.

The modern era of marketing is filled with digital marketing certifications. A lot of resumes will be filled with Google Analytics certifications and other online certifications that can be earned after studying different YouTube videos. There is no denying that these certifications serve a purpose. They are often extremely helpful in finding out why a strategy is successful or not. However, there is no replacing real life experience. Marketers who have actually done the job are often much better equipped than those taking the time to acquire as many certifications as possible.

The only way to attract talent that fits the culture is to set a brand standard that is completely transparent. Leadership starts from the very top. Joey Armstrong says companies that have trouble keeping employees for years need to look at themselves in the mirror. Establishing a positive culture is the only way to continue to grow and attract other talented marketers.

A lot of companies look to fill short-term needs with their staff. This is a terrible way to look at the marketing business. The hiring process can be long and grueling. Finding a fit is not always easy. By taking the time to hire someone you envision being with the company for the long-haul, you will spend less time worrying about filling the same position over and over. Hiring someone who can grow with your company and is truly motivated to be a part of that growth plan is always the better decision.

Joey Armstrong
Joey Armstrong shares stories about trends in marketing and digital branding.