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Write Better Email Subject Lines

Success in marketing often comes down to the ability to garner attention. In the digital age, it’s never been more difficult to get people to stop and pay attention to your marketing materials. Joey Armstrong believes that the best way to gather attention is to take the time to measure every word. This is certainly the case in email subject lines. A boring email subject line means a deleted email. No matter how spectacular the body of the email may be, a poor subject line means it was all for naught. Today, Joey Armstrong will look at how people can write better subject lines.

The first step to a strong subject headline is to choose the methodology behind the subject line. For instance, one of the greatest methods to entice readers is to elicit urgency. By letting readers know that they are going to miss out on something special if they don’t jump in on the email, it makes them more likely to click through. This only works when the offer or subject of the content inside the email is truly a limited time offer. Lying for the sake of a click will end up doing more damage than good. 

Another great methodology is creating a sense of curiosity. A tagline that leaves the person intrigued because they don’t know what the body of the email holds can be very effective. This usually works when the person who is receiving the email understands your brand or why they are receiving the email. A foreign email that comes off like spam will not be opened. It’s all a balancing act. 

Letting people know that a special offer is inside the email is a tried-and-true trick. People want to take advantage of deals and new experiences. Offers can unlock those doors. Alluding to discounts or free stuff is great but be careful with using the word free as it will often lead to the email heading to the spam folder.  In addition to free things, people like to be spoken to directly. When an email list is acquired, subject lines can be formatted to call on the recipient by name in the subject line. This is a great idea when available as seeing your name is sure to spark interest. 

Speaking of names, people like their own name and they like seeing names of other people they know. This is why celebrity sponsors work so well. If applicable,  a subject line that references that a celebrity or a local star also utilizes the service can get the interest of the reader.

How to Make the Most Out of Instagram

Every social media profile provides different marketing opportunities for businesses. Joey Armstrong is here to help marketers looking to make sure they are getting the most out of their Instagram profiles. Most businesses starting out know that they need a profile on Instagram, but they don’t know much more than that. Let’s get into some basic tips from Joey Armstrong that can instantly help marketers establish a presence on Instagram for their small business.

Make Sure You Have a Business Profile

Much like all websites now need to be mobile responsive in order to rank in the Google search engines, Instagram accounts need to be set to business accounts to perform well for a small business. The good news is that making the switch is simple. It all starts by heading to the settings in the Instagram account and clicking on the switch to business profile button. This opens up features that are critical for a business. For instance, followers will now be able to click a contact button and get your business on the phone.

Take Advantage of Free Tools

Facebook owns Instagram and has incorporated a lot of the same tools to the profile. Facebook insights can show statistics and help marketers track the success of their posts in real-time. The only way to get better when creating posts is to do some trial and error. Notice the similarities between posts that perform well and try to replicate those attributes moving forward.

Post with Intent

The biggest mistake marketers make on Instagram is oversaturating their page with posts. People who are constantly subjected to posts from a brand are likely to have a negative response to the brand. Every post should be created with a purpose. The image should reflect the quality associated with the brand and entice the user to learn more or anticipate the next post. Not all posts should be promotional. The more value a brand can lend to a social user’s experience, the better off the page will be. 

Create Great Ads

Much like Facebook, Instagram offers the ability to run ads that are cost-effective and easy to track. Brands can target specific audiences and find out if there’s room for growth within particular demographics. Ads can be directed towards current followers or can be utilized to reach a brand-newaudience. Taking advantage of Instagram ads is a great option for posts that have performed well organically. They can be transferred to sponsored posts and marketers can take advantage of formulas that have proven effective already.

How to Make the Most Out of Facebook

Most marketers understand the different digital marketing platforms they can leverage to help their business or the business of their clients. However, not everyone understands how to take full advantage of every area. Social media can be extremely difficult to stay current with. Joey Armstrong is here to help marketers looking to make sure they are making the most out of their Facebook marketing.

1. Optimize Your Page

Every facet of your page should be optimized to match your branding. Facebook is a platform that is most likely going to rank highly in the search engines for your company name. It’s important that marketers ensure that happens by optimizing the profile. Everything from ensuring the proper URL is acquired to adding a summary and company images is critical. Facebook can sometimes be the first impression of your business for a potential customer. Everything on the Facebook profile should represent the brand in a way you are proud to share with others.

2. Make Every Post Count

Joey Armstrong believes too many marketers look at Facebook as something they need to have a presence on as opposed to a platform that can help increase their following and sales. Instead of looking at Facebook posts as something you need a large quantity of, consider Facebook as something that you can utilize to connect with your audience. If you don’t believe in the quality of the post, don’t post it. People will always be more impressed by quality as opposed to quantity.

3. Use Facebook for Customer Service

Facebook messages can be a great place to connect with individuals. It’s also a great way to take negative comments offline. If someone responds negatively to you in a post, be sure to quickly direct them to a private message. Be sure to acknowledge their comment for all to see and show that you care and are willing to make things right as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

4. Run Ads with Purpose

Facebook allows for ads to be run with great targeting at very little cost. This allows small businesses the opportunity to test out different boosted posts and direct more funds to the posts that are performing well. Keep in mind that not all boosted posts should be created simply to drive business. Sometimes, it’s just about garnering brand recognition and ensuring that when the time comes to make a purchase, your target audience knows your business is out there.

Joey Armstrong Offers Brainstorming Tips for Blog Content

As a marketing expert, Joey Armstrong knows how difficult it can be to manage a quality blog. Blogs are awesome tools for businesses when they are run the right way. When a company can turn their blog into a destination that their target audience come back to time and time again, they develop brand loyalty with their essential customers. Today, Joey Armstrong will offer some tips that can help anyone brainstorm topics that will lead to a content calendar filled with great ideas!

Consider How Your Hobbies Relate to Your Business

One of the best ways to draw in an audience is to bring in people who share similar interests. No matter your industry, people who follow your industry will also be interested in things like hiking, pop culture, etc. Writing about things you are interested in will also make the writing that much more enjoyable. Consider titles like Five Things I Learned About My Industry from Breaking Bad. This type of title instantly attracts anyone who loves this popular show.

Word Association

One of the most popular ways to come up with topics is to look at top terms within your industry and list out five words that come out to mind when you hear those words. Word association will often lead to unique angles that can be utilized in different blog posts.

Google Autosuggest 

Joey Armstrong believes that you should always look to write blog post titles that may be searched in the Google search engine. One great way to ensure this is to start to type a question or title in Google and allow the autosuggest filter to fill in the blank. The autosuggest helps show what other people are searching and may just inspire a blog post. 

Check social media

Social media can help in several different ways. If you have a well-established profile on social media, you can look at what your audience is saying on your profile and find topics that way. If you are just starting out, simply turn to trends on Twitter. By taking advantage of what is popular in the public discourse, you should be able to create fresh topics that readers care about.

Update Old Posts

In the digital age, almost every industry evolves at an exceptional pace. It’s always a great idea to look at older blog posts and see what has changed since it was written. Updating old blog posts can even breathe life into older content as readers look back to compare and contrast.

Get More YouTube Views

YouTube presentation by Joey Armstrong

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Creating a strong presence on YouTube with your niche audience is one of the best things a brand can do, according to Joey Armstrong. Joey Armstrong is a seasoned marketing professional who has been helping grow brands in a variety of industries. They often need to be advised on how they can grow their YouTube views. Today, Joey Armstrong will provide some advice that can help brands looking to increase views on their YouTube page.

Optimize Your YouTube Page

A homepage on YouTube is equivalent to the homepage of a traditional website. It needs to be optimized to fit the brand and include all relevant keywords and information. Just like in SEO for a website, a lot of companies make the mistake of trying to optimize the page for keywords that are incredibly broad and incredibly competitive. A wise brand takes the time to research relevant search terms for their business that will bring in the proper audience without proving to be too difficult to rank for.

Optimize Individual Videos

The title of the video will often determine whether a video is able to bring in organic search results in the YouTube search field. One great way to come up with relevant video titles is to take advantage of the autosuggest tool within the YouTube search bar. This will allow your brand to understand what people are looking for. Matching the title of a video to a trending search term is going to bring more traffic with it as long as the video fits the bill of the autosuggest result. If the video doesn’t match the title, it will have a tough time ranking as it is unlikely anyone will stick around to watch the entire video and the bounce rate will skyrocket.

Know Your Audience

The YouTube audience typically falls into three categories. The first category is the searcher who is looking to either learn more about a specific subject or is looking to understand how to complete a task. This group will flock towards explainer videos. Joey Armstrong suggests appealing to these searchers with product or service tutorials that explain how the product or service can remedy a common or specific problem.  The next group is aspirational. They want to do something and are looking for videos that will provide actionable tips to make it happen. The third group is simply looking for information on what to purchase. Sometimes the best YouTube videos simply breakdown how and where to make a purchase.

Common Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Joey Armstrong wants every marketer to know that they will make mistakes along the way. It’s simply part of the job. However, learning from mistakes is the best way to elevate your marketing game. When it comes to online marketing, a lot of brands make the below mistakes without realizing it. Joey Armstrong suggests reading through this list to ensure that your company isn’t missing out on opportunities through correctable mistakes!

Ignoring Mobile Users

The biggest mistake in digital marketing today is having a website that isn’t optimized for the mobile user. With so many people perusing the web on their phone, Google will penalize a website for not being mobile responsive. A website needs to adjust its formatting to whatever device a person is reading the content on. Formatting is just the start of the equation, however. It’s important that the website content is mobile friendly. Things like bulleted lists and short paragraphs are more friendly to the mobile user. The days of bulk paragraphs are a thing of the past.

Ignoring Social Media

Even if your business doesn’t necessarily relate to common social media profiles, Joey Armstrong recommends claiming and optimizing all social pages. Having an established presence on all social profiles will help the search engine results for the brand as clean as possible. Social profiles are prioritized by Google in the search engine results and will often appear directly under the main website. It’s also important to realize that people of all backgrounds are on social media. Creating content that is developed specifically for a niche audience can help create a loyal customer base.

Ignoring Reviews

Ignoring online reviews is a common mistake made by businesses. It happens either because they are unaware that people are leaving these reviews about their business online as there seems to be more review sites every day or because brands see negative reviews and want to avoid a confrontation. All reviews provide an opportunity. By setting up online listening tools that alert your company of any mention, you can start to prioritize responding to reviews. Negative reviews can provide an opportunity to respond and take the conversation offline. Being proactive shows the person who left the review, and anyone who reads the review, that your business cares. Positive reviews should be acknowledged because it will encourage others to leave a positive review as they will understand they will be thanked as well.

How to Break into The Online Marketing Industry

Joey Armstrong marketing

Joey Armstrong may be one of the industry’s leading digital marketers today, but he understands how hard it can be to get a job in the online marketing industry. Today’s post will provide some guidance for those starting out so that they to can enjoy a career in a field that they love.

Getting Started

The first step in getting a marketing job is feeling confident that marketing is the proper industry for your personality.  Marketing professionals that thrive are creative minded. They can earn their degrees in either marketing or business.  A marketing prospect can put themselves in a better position with an advanced knowledge level in graphic design, writing or programming. Before ever applying for a job, marketers should look to get certified in Google analytics and take different courses to learn how to interpret online data. The best marketing professionals can benchmark where a brand is today and utilize data to form a winning marketing strategy.

Joey Armstrong suggests that any aspiring marketing professional takes the time to read up on the latest industry information. There are many blogs like the Moz blog, which detail different updates in online marketing and explain the most important factors to be aware of when marketing a business online. These blogs will provide a person new to the industry with the proper background to ask informed questions during the interview process. This is critical. One easy way to blow an interview is to come to it unprepared. An aspiring internet marketing professional should do their homework on the company they are interviewing with and ask relevant questions. This will impress the hiring party more than many realize.


Building your network of professionals is crucial. Marketers should take the time to reach out to anyone they know who is in the marketing field and ask them for advice. People with established careers are usually happy to help their fellow aspiring marketers. Joey Armstrong has helped many a marketer find open positions by utilizing his contacts. There’s no shame in reaching out for help. It also shows that an aspiring marketer is hungry and willing to put in the work to get the job they want.

Finally, the best way to get an internet marketing job is to work on small internet marketing projects. Try building a personal website and handling the SEO for it. You can also create social profiles and do different mini tests that will help you when the time comes to work for a client.

Don’t Blow Your Marketing Interview

Joey Armstrong attending online marketing interview

Joey Armstrong believes that it has never been more competitive in the online marketing industry. Each year a new crop of digital marketers hits the scene and looks to make their mark with their first job. Getting an interview can be a long process, so when the time comes to meet with a company, it’s important that an aspiring marketer is fully prepared for their interview. Joey Armstrong wants to provide advice that can help any aspiring marketing professional nail their interviews.

The first impression will be made via appearance. No, an interview is not a beauty competition, but it’s important to show a level of respect with the way you are dressed. A lot of marketing agencies will have a more laid back dress code, but that doesn’t mean that the interviewee should come in wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Taking the time to dress up for an interview establishes that a candidate is serious about the position and wants to be taken seriously as a professional. It may not need to be a full suit, but being overdressed is always preferable to being underdressed.

Every interviewee should have done their homework regarding the position and tailored their resume to reflect the skills needed for the role. This isn’t to say that someone should lie on their resume, but it may be worth removing skills that aren’t relevant. If a previous job had nothing to do with the role being applied for, it may be worth removing that job and replacing that space with online courses or certifications that were acquired pertaining to a marketing role. It’s great to show a willingness to work, but a baby sitting gig or a job at a local restaurant as a dishwasher may be unnecessary to list. Doing your homework before an interview is important. Joey Armstrong suggests reading up on company history and coming to the interview prepared with relevant questions. Everyone can look up generic questions, but taking the time to ask questions that are relevant to the role and the company being applied to can make a big impression. A lot of new interviewees will say I think you covered everything at the end of an interview. This is a mistake. Leaving a lasting impression with impressive questions can take a maybe candidate and move them into the hiring phase. Preparing questions will also help ease fears as a candidate will show up to an interview relaxed.

How to Get Your Marketing Career Started

Joey Armstrong would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the graduates of 2021. It’s been a terrible year in many ways, but there’s no reason grads shouldn’t look at their futures with optimism. Today is the first day in your marketing career journey. As a trusted marketing advisor with years of experience, Joey Armstrong is often asked how to break into the marketing industry. Today, he will provide some tips that recent graduates can use to jumpstart their careers.

It’s a good idea to be open for an entry level marketing job that covers different areas. This can help start a marketing career on the right path. A lot of students come out of school with a specific type of marketing job in mind. It’s often unrealistic. Allowing yourself to get a foot in the door can eventually lead to the career path of your choosing. The best way to land a job is to be great interviewee. The best way to improve as an interviewee is to feel more confident with your knowledge level. The marketing industry moves quickly, so be sure to follow all of the experts’ blogs and social media feeds. This will keep you current with the latest trends and allow you to form intelligent answers.

Joey Armstrong strongly recommends working with your connections. If you have family members who are in the marketing industry, be sure to pick their brain not only for job opportunities but also for lessons. They may be able to unlock some tips or tricks that open up different opportunities. Another great resource is ex professors. They will have a ton of networking options because they taught many of the leaders of the industry.

If you have an interest in bloggings or social media, be sure to do it for free. Building up a portfolio of content written or social media profiles built out will do wonders for your resume. No hiring professional wants to see that you simply took off while looking for a job. Always taking the time to work on your craft will also keep your skills sharp. There’s no better way to learn than through doing. Joey Armstrong believes those who know they are applying for a particular type of marketing job can even skew their content in that direction. Anything to show passion and drive.

Finally, Joey Armstrong implores marketers to keep a positive attitude. Skills can be taught but enthusiasm and passion are either there or they are not. People in the marketing industry want coworkers who are passionate and creative. These traits will shine through. If you love what you do, you can accomplish anything.

Marketing Tips for Beginners

As a leading marketing advisor, Joey Armstrong typically providing marketing tips to larger companies. However, he understands how intimidating marketing can be for smaller outlets looking to grow their business. The truth is that marketing can be done effectively with anyone with a passion and a vision. Joey Armstrong has put together some of the best marketing advice for those new to the marketing game.

Joey Armstrong says the biggest mistakes beginners make is that they don’t know why they are marketing or who they are marketing to. A clear vision is so important. It can be really difficult to dive right into a lead generation campaign if you don’t start with brand awareness. Marketing to educate people about your business and what it has to offer is the foundation of a success story.

Once you know why you’re marketing, it is vital to identify who you’re marketing to and why they should care. There is nothing more important than the user experience. If there is one lesson you take away from today, Joey Armstrong says to consider the experience of the user before producing any piece of marketing content. When you put the needs of the consumer first, your marketing will naturally work that much better. This can be done by offering something of value like an educational video or a funny post that brings a smile to their face.

For those new to the online marketing space, it all starts with keyword research. It can be incredibly impactful for a marketer to realize what the general public is searching for. Optimizing a website for a keyword can help generate traffic and build revenue over time. The best type of keyword is one that will bring in a substantial amount of traffic, but won’t be insanely difficult to root for. A great example is trying to rank for Nike. This is nearly impossible. However, you may be able to rank for Nike shoes in X location.

Joey Armstrong suggests trying different strategies and welcoming failure. One of the best things about marketing is also one of the worst. There are so many different places to reach your target audience. The only way to truly identify the sweet spot is to try different outlets. There are going to be plenty of times where a marketing strategy falls short, but that is a learning opportunity. Countless marketers find that their target audience frequents a social site they did not expect or watches a type of video they didn’t know about previously. Keep your eyes open and be willing to try different things.