How to Get Your Marketing Career Started

Joey Armstrong would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the graduates of 2021. It’s been a terrible year in many ways, but there’s no reason grads shouldn’t look at their futures with optimism. Today is the first day in your marketing career journey. As a trusted marketing advisor with years of experience, Joey Armstrong is often asked how to break into the marketing industry. Today, he will provide some tips that recent graduates can use to jumpstart their careers.

It’s a good idea to be open for an entry level marketing job that covers different areas. This can help start a marketing career on the right path. A lot of students come out of school with a specific type of marketing job in mind. It’s often unrealistic. Allowing yourself to get a foot in the door can eventually lead to the career path of your choosing. The best way to land a job is to be great interviewee. The best way to improve as an interviewee is to feel more confident with your knowledge level. The marketing industry moves quickly, so be sure to follow all of the experts’ blogs and social media feeds. This will keep you current with the latest trends and allow you to form intelligent answers.

Joey Armstrong strongly recommends working with your connections. If you have family members who are in the marketing industry, be sure to pick their brain not only for job opportunities but also for lessons. They may be able to unlock some tips or tricks that open up different opportunities. Another great resource is ex professors. They will have a ton of networking options because they taught many of the leaders of the industry.

If you have an interest in bloggings or social media, be sure to do it for free. Building up a portfolio of content written or social media profiles built out will do wonders for your resume. No hiring professional wants to see that you simply took off while looking for a job. Always taking the time to work on your craft will also keep your skills sharp. There’s no better way to learn than through doing. Joey Armstrong believes those who know they are applying for a particular type of marketing job can even skew their content in that direction. Anything to show passion and drive.

Finally, Joey Armstrong implores marketers to keep a positive attitude. Skills can be taught but enthusiasm and passion are either there or they are not. People in the marketing industry want coworkers who are passionate and creative. These traits will shine through. If you love what you do, you can accomplish anything.

Joey Armstrong
Joey Armstrong shares stories about trends in marketing and digital branding.