Marketing Tips for Beginners

As a leading marketing advisor, Joey Armstrong typically providing marketing tips to larger companies. However, he understands how intimidating marketing can be for smaller outlets looking to grow their business. The truth is that marketing can be done effectively with anyone with a passion and a vision. Joey Armstrong has put together some of the best marketing advice for those new to the marketing game.

Joey Armstrong says the biggest mistakes beginners make is that they don’t know why they are marketing or who they are marketing to. A clear vision is so important. It can be really difficult to dive right into a lead generation campaign if you don’t start with brand awareness. Marketing to educate people about your business and what it has to offer is the foundation of a success story.

Once you know why you’re marketing, it is vital to identify who you’re marketing to and why they should care. There is nothing more important than the user experience. If there is one lesson you take away from today, Joey Armstrong says to consider the experience of the user before producing any piece of marketing content. When you put the needs of the consumer first, your marketing will naturally work that much better. This can be done by offering something of value like an educational video or a funny post that brings a smile to their face.

For those new to the online marketing space, it all starts with keyword research. It can be incredibly impactful for a marketer to realize what the general public is searching for. Optimizing a website for a keyword can help generate traffic and build revenue over time. The best type of keyword is one that will bring in a substantial amount of traffic, but won’t be insanely difficult to root for. A great example is trying to rank for Nike. This is nearly impossible. However, you may be able to rank for Nike shoes in X location.

Joey Armstrong suggests trying different strategies and welcoming failure. One of the best things about marketing is also one of the worst. There are so many different places to reach your target audience. The only way to truly identify the sweet spot is to try different outlets. There are going to be plenty of times where a marketing strategy falls short, but that is a learning opportunity. Countless marketers find that their target audience frequents a social site they did not expect or watches a type of video they didn’t know about previously. Keep your eyes open and be willing to try different things.

Joey Armstrong
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